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About Beyond the Case - Missouri

Beyond the Case-Missouri developed from a recognized need for additional investigative psychological-based resources in cold cases. Families who have a loved one vanish, and if the case has turned cold, may not have access or be aware of additional resources. Law enforcement, regardless of how seasoned, experienced, well-supported, or trained can also sometimes benefit from a "second look" on a cold case file. Further and respectfully, law enforcement is overburdened with situations on a regular basis. They are sometimes not able to continue to provide the focus that they wish on cases that have turned cold. 

Beyond the Case-Missouri is a volunteer based team that provides assessment, "boots on the ground" participation when required, and case review for both law enforcement and families. This review can be important to provide additional psychological aspects that may garner new leads, establish new characteristics in a victimology,  and so much more. 


Beyond the Case Missouri is supported by well-educated,  experienced, and trained members. Volunteers hold various graduate  and undergraduate degrees, training in areas of criminal justice, emergency services, SAR, social media, law, and investigative psychology.

Beyond the Case Missouri also works with other organizations and individuals with specialized skill sets. This professional outside support is a also a key factor in case success. The cohesiveness of working with other nationwide missing persons organizations, volunteer and professional underwater dive teams, along with other emergency services, is integral. 

How does investigative psychology assist in a missing persons case?

Like the making of a fine matter what we do, it takes thought.

By considering the science of genetics, an individual's way of life, and environmental influence, we can achieve better defining perimeters for explaining and studying one's behavior and actions. Through psychological aspects, both forensic and investigative psychology lend their knowledge in areas of behavioral profiling, recognizing individualized characteristics, patterns, and providing analyzation of that information. The science of  psychology is widely recognized as an invaluable tool in the pursuit of cold cases. 

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