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What is Epigenetics?


Why It Matters Regarding Behavior

Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions in the body and through the field of genetics, it considers the physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by factors that can influence genes to “switch on or off”.  Within the human genome, as we develop, there are chemical reactions that occur that activate or deactivate parts of our genome in specific locations and at particular times. This can affect how cells read genes and how they can alter without changes within the DNA sequence.

Where epigenetics gets really fascinating is how it can help us better understand how  we are affected by our diet, stressors, environmental influences, and the alterations in our behavior. From pre-birth through adulthood, these factors regulate gene expression and this alone can provide us with a window into our genetic predisposition and may provide a better comprehension of factors in our decision-making processes. Maybe more importantly, it provides researchers a window into our behavior as our behavior relates to violence and crime.

We apply our learned knowledge of science to our journey of pursuing truth in each cold case.

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